Having trouble linking an account?

If you encounter issues linking your account, there are several common reasons.

Ensure you are an account holder on the account you are linking. Evergreen Money only permits linking accounts on which you are an account holder.

If you cannot successfully link an account, please try a different linking method. Certain financial institutions are not supported via Plaid or manual linking. In these cases, please try linking your account from the external institution platform using the Evergreen account and routing number. You may be asked to complete using “mico-deposits.”

Ensure you are attempting to link a depository account, generally a checking or savings account, that you own. Some institutions don't permit externally originated linking if you are trying to link a brokerage or cash management account. You can sign in and transfer funds to your Evergreen Money account through ACH or a wire transfer. There are no fees to receive a wire transfer into your Evergreen account.