How do Liquid Treasuries deposits and withdrawals work?

A Liquid Treasuries account is two accounts seamlessly connected: a checking account and a brokerage account invested in US Treasury Bills.

Each business day, Evergreen invests your excess cash in your checking account into US Treasury Bills. When you use your Evergreen Visa Debit Card, ACH, or ATM to withdraw funds, we will first use any available cash in your checking account. Then, we will sell T-Bills in your brokerage account to cover any remaining balances. Your withdrawals give us authorization to sell T-Bills to cover your purchases. The shortest maturity T-Bills are sold first.

When making a deposit, any remaining funds after withdrawals made will be swept each business day to your Jiko Brokerage account to purchase Treasury bills. Generally, this is done each business day at 5am Eastern. You can still use your funds up to your Available Balance.