Debit Card Terms and Conditions

Evergreen VisaⓇ Debit Card Cardholder Agreement

Last updated March 5, 2024

A. Introduction

This Evergreen VisaⓇ Debit Card (“Debit Card”) Cardholder Agreement (“Cardholder Agreement”) governs the usage of your Debit Card, including any replacement cards issued to you. You agree to these terms and conditions by activating your Debit Card or otherwise using your Debit Card.

Evergreen Money Corporation is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license Visa U.S.A Inc.

In this Cardholder Agreement, “you” and “your” mean the customer to whom we issued a Debit Card. The words “Evergreen Money,” “Evergreen,” “we,” or “our” mean Evergreen Money Corporation. The words “Evergreen Checking Account” or “Account” means your Evergreen Money Check Account that is connected to this Debit Card. The words “Jiko Account” means your brokerage account at Jiko Securities.

This Cardholder Agreement is a supplement to the Bank Account Terms and Conditions for your Evergreen Checking Account. The usage of this Debit Card is subject to your Evergreen Checking Account Terms and Conditions.

This Debit Card is only for personal use and shall not be used for business purposes. Only the customer to whom this Debit Card is issued may use this Debit Card.

This Cardholder Agreement is subject to the Arbitration Agreement found in your Evergreen Checking Account Terms and Conditions.

B. How You Can Use Your Debit Card

  1. Point-of Sale Transactions. You may use your Debit Card to purchase goods or services at merchant locations that accept Visa debit cards.  These purchases are called “Point-of-Sale Transactions,” and merchants that accept Visa debit cards are called “Participating Merchants.” You can make Point-of-Sale Transactions up to the available combined balance of your Evergreen Checking Account and your  Jiko Account. For more information on your available balance, refer to your Evergreen Checking Account Terms and Conditions. Point-of-Sale Transactions are subject to limits described in the LImits section of this Cardholder Agreement.

When you make a Point-of-Sale Transaction, you authorize and agree that the amount of the transaction will be deducted (e.g., withdrawn) simultaneously from your available balance even though the transactions may not be paid until a later date.

  1. Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Transactions. You may use your Debit Card to withdraw cash from your Evergreen Checking Account. You may withdraw cash up to your available combined balance of your Evergreen Checking Account and Jiko Account, subject to the limits described in the Limits section of this Cardholder Agreement. Although Evergreen Money does not charge fees to use an ATM, third-party fees may apply for the specific ATM used.
  2. PIN Transactions. When you activate your Debit Card, you will be asked to set a PIN.  This PIN is an additional security feature.  During Point-of-Sale Transactions or ATM Transactions, you may be asked to enter your PIN. Your PIN is confidential and should not be shared with anyone.
  3. Digital Wallet. You may add your Debit Card to a digital wallet.  Please refer to the Digital Wallet Terms and Conditions.
  4. Activation. When you receive your Debit Card in the mail, scan the QR code found in the letter and follow the instructions to activate your Debit Card and set your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

C. Limits.

Your Debit Card and associate transactions are subject to daily and monthly limits as described below:

Type of Transaction Daily Limit Monthly Limit
Point-of-Sale (including Digital Wallet)

$3,000 Total; 

$1,000 Single Transaction

ATM  $510 $2,500
Cashback $500 Total; $250 Single Transaction $1,000
Peer-to-Peer (E.g., Apple Cash, Venmo, etc.) $500 Total; $250 Single Transaction $1,000


D. Statements.

Your Debit Card transactions will appear on your Evergreen Bank Account statement.  For more information about your statement, please refer to your Evergreen Bank Account Terms and Conditions. 

E. Lost or Stolen.

You agree to contact us immediately at 1-888-488-3830 (this number can be found on the back of your Debit Card) if your Debit Card has been lost or stolen.  You agree to take every best effort to prevent your card from being lost or stolen. 

F. Other Important Information.

    1. Termination or Suspension.  We reserve the right to terminate or suspend the usage of your Debit Card at any time with or without cause, this includes the right not to replace a lost or stolen card. You are still responsible for any amounts owed to us. 
    1. Declined Transaction.  We reserve the right to decline any transaction with or without cause, including due to suspected fraudulent or illegal activity, or any activity, suspected or actual, that violates this Cardholder Agreement or any other agreement between you, Evergreen Money Corporation, or any other agreements you have with us. 
    1. Expiration.  Your Debit Card has an expiration date listed on it.  You agree not to use your Debit Card after it has expired. Once your Debit Card has expired, you agree to destroy it immediately. 
    1. Change in Terms. We reserve the right to make changes to this Cardholder Agreement.  Unless the change must be made immediately for security reasons, we will provide you with advance notice of changes that increases your expense or limits the use of your Debit Card at least 21 days before the change becomes effective by emailing you at the email address on file. 
    1. Contact Information.  You agree to keep all contact information current by updating it immediately within your Evergreen Profile.  
    1. Electronic Account.  You agree that this is an electronic account only. Therefore, you agree to all documents and communications being sent to you electronically.  
    1. Terminal Failures. We are not responsible for any electronic terminal failure for any reason.
    1. Disputes.  You agree to use best efforts to resolve and settle all disputes you made with the merchant.  Please refer to your Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement for more information about how to dispute a transaction. 
    1. Overdrafts.  You understand that your Debit Card is not a credit card nor does it have overdraft protection.  Generally, we will decline transactions that exceed your available balance.  If a transaction does make your account go negative, you agree to pay the excess amount immediately.  
    1. Applicable Law.  This Cardholder Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with applicable federal law and the laws of the State of Washington.
    1. Severability.  If a provision of this Cardholder Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable in any respect, the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions will not in any way be affected.