Checking Account Rates and Fees

Effective as of May 14, 2024

Rate Information: The Annual Percentage Yield (“APY”) is a variable 5.00%. Your APY may change at our discretion at any time.

Minimum Opening Deposit: $10,000 (We may waive this at our discretion)

Minimum Relationship Balance Requirement: $10,000 (We may waive this at our discretion)

Domestic Wire Fees:

  • Incoming Wires: None
  • Outgoing Wires: For Wires less than $5,000, $10.00 per Wire; For Wires $5,000 or more, no fee.

Balance Computation Method: We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day.

Compounding and crediting: Interest for your account will be computed daily and credited to your account on the last day of each month.

Accrual of interest on deposits other than cash: Interest begins to accrue on the business day you deposit noncash items (for example: ACH).